Geoscience Research


Project details

Final Budget:$9,500,000

Square Feet:57,000 sq.ft.

Contract Type:Construction Management (CM)

Owner:Santorino Area Hospital

Architect:Spencer Matthew Bennington

Location: Santorino, MI




When one of our long-term customers, a leading independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, needed its inventory of drill pipe, tubing, and casing to be stored, inspected, and repaired, Shawcor’s Oilfield Asset Management group was first on the list. Not only are our facilities geographically convenient, but our people, inspection techniques and technologies have earned their trust for more than 20 years.

When a string of 4.5″ hybrid drill pipe arrived at our Nisku facility, we immediately logged it into Yardview™, our proprietary advanced Web-based asset management system. From this point on, our customer had real-time access to the status and condition of their inventory. To assess the condition of the drill string, we also performed a thorough inspection that included both visual and EMI processes. Next, our service delivery teams quickly made repairs that ranged from straightening and refacing to hardbanding and rethreading, all while recording more than 25 dimensional measurements.

Thanks to our industry-leading full scope of services, our customer had the luxury of receiving every service they needed under one roof. And with Yardview, they were able to view and manage their entire asset inventory online, check the status of inspections and repairs, find pipe locations, view movement history, and more—making it easier to maximize inventory turnover and operate at optimal efficiency.